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We are accepting inquires in mail form at any time.

    御社名(任意)name of your establishment (optional)

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    il pino 2C
    814-00022C il pino 2-19-2 Nishijin Sawara-ku
    Fukuoka, Japan



    When we received inquire, an automatic response would be sent back to the sender to announce that we received inquire. Within a couple of business days, a representative would contact the inquirer by E-mail.

    After sending an E-mail to make an inquiry, if you did not receive any response at all, and if the mail address to receive an automatic response were for mobile phone, the correspondence mail could have been blocked by mail filter setting in your mailing system, such as reject mail reception setting, selecting mail reception by domain setting, or rejecting spam mail setting.

    In case of difficulty by mail correspondence, we humbly ask to contact us by telephone.