Art Director, Graphic Designer
Producer, Creative Director at Fukuoka, Japan
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There are many companies and people in the world who are trying to realize their wonderful visions through their products and services. Light would like to help these companies and people realize their visions through branding.

We believe that branding is not simply about unifying the look and feel of a brand, but about analyzing the client's strengths and market demands to create a strategically appropriate brand.

“Even though it's a good product, but we're not communicating its value well."
“We want to build a worldview worthy of our brand."
“We feel that the good qualities that exist in a company are not being fully communicated in the current era and context, and we want to sort out what should and should not be changed in response to the times and environment."
Branding can be effective for such problems.

In branding, Light creates a strong brand "worldview that works" through consistent strategic planning and appropriate design.
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    島巻 太郎/ Taro Shimamaki

    Art Director, Graphic Designer


    Born 1978 in Tokyo, Japan. Worked at various design agencies and design department in companies. 2013, moved to Fukuoka, Japan. 2014, established an own design office and started work with his producer wife as a unit. 2003, graduated from Keio University majored in art history at philosophy department. 2006, graduated from Kuwasawa design school majored in visual design.


    島巻 惠理/ Eri Shimamaki

    Producer, Creative Director


    Born 1980 in Fukuoka, Japan. Start making living with various jobs after graduated from a high school. Moved to United States to experience a cowboy’s life lead by connection of western style horse riding she started at age of ten. After coming back to Japan in 2007, worked at Toppan Printing Co, LTD. as a sales manager, then a creative producer at Dentsu Tec INC. 2013, moved to Fukuoka, Japan. 2014, start to work as a unit of husband and wife at their own design office.



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